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Seven Halloween Group Costumes That Won’t Break The Bank!

Thinking about crashing a couple Halloween parties this year? Or maybe you and your friends are throwing one of the biggest bashes on campus. Either way, it’s important to come correctly dressed! If you’re having a hard time figuring out the costume situation for you and your group of friends, here are a few of our favorite Halloween group costumes that are creative but won’t burn a hole in your wallet.


The Cast of Mario Kart Group Costume

best Halloween group costumes: mario kart cast

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This is a crowd pleaser for sure. I mean, anyone who grew up in the 90s will know what your are whether they were a gamer or not. This group costume can be as simple, or complex as you want it to be. Once each one of you has settled on a character (Wario, Mario, Luigi, Toadstool, Princess Peach, Koopa, etc.) get together and make some cardboard cars to wear around your waist. You could do this alone, but just make sure that everybody is all on the same page about size and style. Then, decorate yourself as you see fit and you’ll be sure to be rocking one of the best Halloween group costumes at the party. 


The Lucky Trolls 

Halloween group costumes: Lucky Trolls

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This is one of our favorite Halloween group costumes, and is pretty easy to pull off as long as you’re willing to wear a skin-colored skirt or a tan leotard. Remember trolls? How could you not; those goofy little plastic characters with gems for eyes and fuzzy multi-colored hair that looked like they stuck their fingers in a light socket. Well, you and all your friends just choose a colored wig that suits you, and don the same skin-colored outfit and you’re done! A perfect group costume for guys or gals. 


Green Army Men Group Costume

Halloween Group Costumes: Green Army Men

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This one will definitely make some folks chuckle if you pull it off right. Remember those crappy, plastic green army men that you used to play with when you were five? Yeah, those ones that you melted in the microwave and blew up with firecrackers. Well, dressing up like these old toys makes for one of the most inventive Halloween group costumes. Best of all, it’s super cheap; simply get a can of hunter green paint or spray paint and go to town on some cheap clothes, helmets and an airsoft gun. You can also paint your hands and face with some body paint, which is also readily available online or at your local Halloween supply store.


The Liquor Cabinet! 

Best Halloween Group costumes; The Liqour Cabinet

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This one makes the list for its ease and inventiveness, and it takes minimal planning as long as you and all your friends can remember which liquor you are. Simply settle on a booze and then dress accordingly. This can be as simple as donning a Jack Daniels t-shirt or dressing up as Captain Morgan himself. This is definitely one of the easiest Halloween group costumes, and a lifesaver for those of you who leave it to the last minute to think about your wardrobe.


Publisher’s Clearing House Group Costume

One of best Halloween group costumes, publishers clearing house

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This is one of the best Halloween group costumes ever, and all you really need is some cheap suits and a giant check. Decide on who will be the winner, and have some microphones handy to interview the lucky one. You can be creative here, and choose to go with as much, or little, details as you please. Just remember to keep it easy for the re3st of the party to identify what you are. You get bonus points if you can borrow some audio equipment from the AV department and add some boom mic operators and cameramen.


Cereal Box Mascots

Cereal box mascots one of best Halloween group costumes

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This is another Halloween group costume that really couldn’t be made any easier; simply pick your favorite cereal mascot and dress up as the. This is a great option for a group because it takes minimal planning,and if someone screws up on their costume, it’s really no skin off your butt. If you’ve got a group of friends that are really gung ho about having the best Halloween group costumes at the party, this one can be a lot of fun. There are about as many cereal box mascots as there are states, so there are plenty to choose from!


Recreate a Painting/Work of Art 

Dress up as a painting for one of the best Halloween group costumes

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Last on our list of Halloween group costumes is something that’s ideal for a couple or trio. Try to reenact your favorite painting using simple outfits and props. This usually works best for pop art paintings, like thse by Lichtenstein that usually feature more than one person. Remember to be really accurate with your makeup here so the rest of the party will actually recognize you.