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This Year’s Top Halloween Costume Ideas

Nothing screams Halloween like risqué clubwear and sexy outfits, but choosing the right Halloween costume can be a devilishly tricky task. Hence, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to knock up this list of some of the best wardrobe ideas to help you out this fall. Some of the costumes featured here are classics while others are recent additions to our ultimate list of killer outfits. Read on to see some of the best Halloween costume ideas and be inspired!

1. Breaking Bad

The brainchild of Vince Gilligan, the Breaking Bad TV series has been inspiring Halloween party-goers ever since the show’s launch in 2008. Walter White and Jesse Pinkman were some of the most loved badasses ever to feature on TV, and their signature yellow lab suits, complete with goggles and a breathing mask, have become ever-present features at Halloween bashes. 

Halloween costume ideas: Walter White and Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad).

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2. Caitlyn 

Donning a “Caitlyn corset” is one of the single best ways to express pride and support for the LGBT community and look great in the process. Since Caitlyn Jenner’s world-stopping July appearance on the cover of Vanity Fair, this simple one-piece, sexy satin outfit has become an overnight sensation and is one of our favourite new Halloween costume ideas.

 Caitlyn Corset

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3. Daenerys Targaryen

She may be one the biggest stars on TV, and for good reason: GoT’s Mother of Dragons is a veritable fireball of a character. Strong, determined and sexy, Daenerys’ huge fanbase will be pulling out their platinum blonde wigs, cut-out ensembles and flash tattoos for Halloween this year. If you need any more convincing, check out this picture of Madonna doing her best impression of the Dothraki Queen:

Halloween costume ideas: Daenaerys Targaryen

Image by Denby Jorgensen (Flickr)

4. Hawkeye

One of the coolest Halloween costume ideas around, this swashbuckling, all-leather outfit made a big impression as part of the chart-topping Avengers films. Put on the signature sleeveless leather jacket, black leather trousers, and shin-length boots, and you’re pretty much sorted. Diehard Avengers fans can throw in a leather trench coat and faux bow and arrow for added laughs and praise.  

Hawkeye outfit

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5. Little Red Riding Hood

This much-altered, adult version of the Grimm’s fairy tale classic is one of the single most popular Halloween outfits. This satin red dress with corseted velvet front, iconic red cape, and white thigh-high stockings, will ensure you turn heads on the dance floor. Just make sure grandma doesn’t catch you on your way out!

Halloween costume ideas: Little Red Riding Hood

Image by Nathan Puper (Flickr)


6. Thor

Thor is undoubtedly one of the coolest mythological gods to ever star in a Marvel Studios film, and is rising in popularity due to recent Avengers releases. Brandishing a giant metal hammer and a floor-skimming red cape, dressing up as this muscly mayhem maker is a lot of fun, and you’ll look the part as well. Would-be Thors are encouraged to bleach their hair or pick up a wig at a Halloween store to go with the signature chest armor and the forearm guards.


Image by Loren Javier (Flickr)

7. Harley Quinn

This is another one of our personal favourite Halloween costume ideas: Harley Quinn is one badass, show stopping anti hero we all like to be around on Halloween night. The signature red and black one-piece bodysuit with alternating diamond and ruffle features and fishnet gloves will make sure Harley Quinn-clad club-goers grab lots of attention on the dance floor. If you’re really feeling up to it this Halloween, try dying your hair half-red and half-black to pull off the full Harley Quinn look. 

Halloween Costume Ideas: Harley Quinn

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8. Steampunk Day of the Dead Outfit

Isn’t Halloween supposed to be all about remembering the dead and reflecting upon the transient nature of life? Well, this is one costume that really takes festive spirit to heart. You’ll get plenty of skull symbology across with your full-face makeup, while the sexy Victorian-style black and red bodice and matching satin elbow gloves will make sure you look your jaw-dropping best. Steampunk Day of the Dead outfits are some of coolest Halloween costume ideas to pop up in recent times. 

Girl in Day of the Dead Makeup

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9. Superman

If speed, strength, and all-round hero goodness is more your thing, then there’s no better Halloween costume option than dressing up as Superman this fall. This is a great fail safe option for those who want to look great without bucking convention, and Halloween party-goers wearing the iconic red and blue spandex bodysuit will have license to roam and make merry, without the added saving people stress. 

Halloween Costume Ideas: Superman

Image by Howie Muzika (Flickr)

10. Katniss

One of the stars of the super successful Hunger Games trilogy, Katniss is a spirited, courageous girl with kickass style to match. Make sure to start with a pair of beige trousers or cargo pants and a light green polo shirt. Throw in a belt, a black hooded jacket, knee-high lace up boots, and a signature Mockingjay pin for added smugness. Remember to tie your hair up in a tight braid and carry a bow and quiver of arrows to achieve the full Katniss effect. 


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11. Jon Snow

Jon Snow is the second GoT character to make it on our list, and for good reason: His all-black, leather and sheepskin outfit is one of the coolest Halloween costume ideas we’ve come across. Make sure you let your beard grow in advance of October 31 and swing by a Halloween store to pick up a suitable mop of curly black hair to complete your transformation.

Halloween Costume ideas: Jon Snow

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12. Black Widow

There’s no other costume quite like a Black Widow suit for a naughty night out on Halloween. This dark-colored, tight-fitting bodysuit with matching black leather gloves plays on Black Widow’s (or rather, Scarlett Johansson’s) seductive enchantments and hero appeal. Dye your hair auburn red, buckle on a matte belt and strap on an additional thigh-holster for all-out Halloween costume authenticity.

Black widow costume

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13. Assasin’s Creed 

If you’re looking for pure gothic-victorian glam, this should definitely be your pick of our Halloween costume ideas. Put on a white vest, a black satin and leather coat with brown leather lapels and cuffs,  and keep your hood low over your face to achieve the desired level of sexy badassness. Wrap a red satin scarf around your neck and don a matching pair of black, strut-worthy boots to round off your look in style.

Assasin's Creed outfit

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